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The world is changing! The world has changed!

The world is changing! The world has changed! We all hear these expressions often. Indeed, the trend is moving towards the fact that the world is really changing. If you are on this page, then you see a trend of change and understand the need to move forward towards success. Here we are talking about what others are silent about, what you will not be taught in MBA courses and will not be told by consultants, since their goals are different.

Why is this video here and why is this song exactly?

And all because it is this association that we have when we think about changes, this very song, which is older than us. The meaning that we find in all this is what we do out of it, what comes out of it. The global crisis will last longer and deeper than most people think.

We owe ourselves and our children a debt to make the world a much better place than it is today..

We are already in this transition to a new enlightenment that has been going on for decades.

Ditum Group's message about Strategoi Model as a new way of management.

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If kids in suits (this is what we call consultants from well-known companies) claim that they can tell you what your managerial, strategic or operational model will look like in 2 years, you should show them the door. Moreover, it is desirable to go to the largest one, so that they do not return. Nobody can know this. We are dealing with complex systems, and in a complex system we can never know what the future state will be at any given time, and we do not expect that this state will ever be static.

MBA courses, various kids in suits, the media constantly inform us about the need to implement various management structures.

There are too many structures, methodologies and bodies of knowledge in the world that want to tell you what the ideal state of your organization looks like. Some are really helpful and give us direction, but there is no state that we seriously hope to arrive at.

Strategoi - new ways of management is a transformational approach, so it is a means of improving your performance, not a methodology or structure, but a means of improving your performance. Essentially, it's an endless journey. As we approach some desired state, we will never reach it, because the world is changing, and this desired goal is constantly moving.

Toyota Improvement Kata has always recognized this by setting the short-term goals that we strive for, but every time we reach that short-term goal, we redefine our long-term vision because it probably changed in the interim.

The notion that our working state is always stable with short intermediate periods of change is outdated. We must understand that change is a permanent state and that future conditions are achieved through exploration, experimentation, and repetition.

Then again, if some consulting company claims they have a solution for everyone, you should show them the door.

Which approach will change the behavior of a group of hundreds or thousands of people can only be found out experimentally. Each organization uses different methods to follow its own path.

The understanding we have learned is that you cannot change individuals, be they leaders, managers, or specialists on a team. People exist within the system, so we must change the system, not people or the concept of "culture".

Experience and theory have taught us this. It lies in the fact that you cannot change the human system directly, people are too complex. You must change the externalities to influence the change in the system. Change management, policy, KPIs, products, services and workforce development. In other words, change the way you manage your system. Then the culture and work will change.

Attempts to change culture and work directly are useless.

It works locally at the team level until a certain point, if you can create enough clean space to save changes. But after that, the changes should be systemic. And pretty soon it should be systemic at the enterprise level.

The 21st century is a different game with different rules ... The pursuit of efficiency was once a laudable goal, but efficiency in the modern world is not so much a matter of optimizing a known (and relatively stable) set of variables as the ability to respond to constantly changing variables and changing environment. Agility, not efficiency, should be our core competence

General Stanley McChrystal

We love this quote - it clearly and clearly reflects the direction in which the world, business, governments and societies are changing.

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We are seeing resulting shifts in many areas of work. We are optimistic about the development of managerial, strategic, product and operational innovation in business, government and society in the medium term.

Leaders begin to understand this and move towards change in order to survive, adapt and open up new opportunities. The changes take place at several levels:

  • the impossibility of managing knowledge workers in traditional ways;
  • the need for organizational flexibility as a coping strategy as the world becomes more and more VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity)
  • demand for stakeholder value is higher than value for shareholders or customers.

Strategoi — new ways of management to improve performance: Lean, Agile, ITIL®, Servant, Business Agility: we combine them in our Strategoi Model ™.

Strategoi Model™: collaborative, agile, expanded intellectual work; iterative, incremental, experimental, exploring complex systems. We try to cover all new concepts with the general term “Agility of Human Systems”.

With the Strategoi Model you can:

  • understand value streams and identify underlying issues or constraints;
  • remove unnecessary approvals from processes;
  • empower managers with discretionary budgets and delegated powers;
  • move from the big bang to the gradual opening of new services
  • empower young and passionate employees to voice their opinions and take responsibility;
  • build effective teamwork in leadership;
  • strive for a higher culture;
  • identify losses and inefficiencies;
  • form the identity of the team;
  • visualize work;
  • change reward systems to allow everyone to participate in success (creating more transparency and collaboration).

And the song again?

Yes, yes, and yes again! Listen to Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth 1967….

It is these feelings that arise when listening to this song that we get from the results from Strategoi Model.

One of the biggest challenges organizations face as they transition to new ways of working is that managers need to understand and focus on empowerment, collaboration, flexibility, and flow. This is how we make Strategoi Model a special part of the transformational approach for the Ditum Group.

We provide coaching and training to achieve this. We also like team-building games, one of which we play constantly in training.

We have developed a way to manage the Strategoi Model to reflect our ideas. By the end of 2021, we will release our Strategoi Model book.

Watch our videos of songs, get inspired. Come to us for training.

We would like you to join our tribe of effective and innovative managers.

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