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Using our own consulting approach, we offer these value-added services to promote new ways of managing, especially in IT, consulting and training.

Consulting on advanced IT governance, strategy and corporate governance

Our expertise lies in IT development, culture change, leadership and services: the combination of policies, practices and people to run an organization. We work in IT, product and operations management.

Our critical, skeptical and pragmatic approach to IT adds value to any strategic or management thinking by bringing an experienced eye to the design and analysis of culture, strategy, policies, organizational structures, plans, practices and processes. We draw on a wide range of knowledge.

We can:

  • Transform IT: systems, people, practices and tools - with approaches such as continuous improvement, business agility and DevOps.
  • Develop leadership: helping managers and supervisors understand new ways of management, including leadership and Agile principles.
  • Build a culture: through a focus on leadership, happiness, space, empowerment, community and communication
  • Assess: Opportunities and Risks in IT Governance and Management
  • Set the management: structures and processes in your organization to better manage IT costs, risks and costs.
  • Develop strategy, policy and plans for IT: including innovation program, service portfolio, policy structures and principles.

Consulting on new ways of working in IT

We understand DevOps and IT service management.

We are moving away from the process-oriented approach that companies like ITIL and ISO20000 are promoting. These tools have their place and we still use them, but the emphasis should be on New ways of working: empowering knowledge workers to be more effective in their own professionalism, through leadership, support, measurement etc. and accountability. Process design is a lower priority: we think they are too technical and theoretical. We prefer a hands-on approach using selected elements from tools such as DevOps, Business Agility, Agile, Lean IT, Adaptive Case Management, Kanban, Knowledge Centered Support, ITIL, and COBIT.

Some of the areas we specialize in include:

  • Service improvement: improving the quality of services provided by evaluating, comparing with best practices and developing a planned improvement program
  • Fixing errors in the provision of services: Troubleshoot features and service delivery methods that do not work. Get your people and culture back on track.
  • Catalog and portfolio of services: We are leading the development of the very heart of service management - the catalog. It should be an early and central part of any service improvement program to focus and stimulate cultural change and to provide the core of all processes.
  • Cultural change: improving employee experience and improving behavior.
  • Service life cycle: approaches to creating and modifying services, especially integrating traditional waterfall approaches with Agile and DevOps to provide multi-speed IT capabilities in legacy environments.
  • ITSM coaching: help your employees improve ITSM (please don't say "implementation"). Most consultants will provide either one-time, comprehensive services (eg, integrated implementation) or continuous services on a daily or weekly basis. We provide an ongoing, end-to-end, regular ITSM coaching service to keep your employees on track and help overcome the obstacles that arise every day.


Business simulations ("games"): We have a "serious game" workshop in which we use experimental learning to truly understand the new ways of MarsLander.

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