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AgilePoint NX

AgilePoint NX

Business Process Automation

Discover the power of Agilepoint NX. Our minimal coding platform enables both technical and less technical users to easily build responsive applications and automate processes across the entire organization faster than ever before.


You just need to draw a business process in AgilePoint, and it will be immediately automated

Our AgilePoint NX platform is a comprehensive solution that simplifies the creation of business applications in departments or industries that are forced to innovate and agile and need to be able to revise or improve their business processes at any time. Our platform allows citizen developers to build any kind of application, from simple to complex, without writing any code.

Agilepoint nx

Discover the possibilities

As a manager, whether you work in HR, finance, operations or anywhere else in the business, you are constantly striving to achieve your business goals, meet customer expectations, drive transformation, and strive for process excellence! Building effective (business) applications is essential to stay relevant in this changing business environment. The challenge today is: How can you start building and improving applications for new workflows or business processes without any programming knowledge?

As an IT manager today, your job is to meet these “business” needs without wasting more resources and / or straining your IT legacy. AgilePoint NX provides outsourced application development to the business while maintaining complete control over the platform and taking care of infrastructure, security, and development support for truly complex application functionality. Become a more flexible organization, ready to constantly adapt to this rapidly changing environment!

AgilePoint NX

AgilePoint provides a one-time, many-time approach to create secure, flexible, scalable, and affordable code-free applications such as multi-tenant SaaS applications, IoT (Internet of Things) and mobile applications to automate workflows, improve enterprise efficiency and quality client service.

Low code or no code

AgilePoint NX is a low code no code platform that provides a visual drag-and-drop approach to building any process in your organization. This allows you to automatically build almost any application based on your processes.

Start transformation

AgilePoint NX accelerates digital transformation by enabling both professional and citizen developers to quickly build and easily maintain applications and automated processes.

Confirmed by the future

We consider ourselves the world's first digital transformation platform that is truly fit for the future. Our “create once and reuse many times” feature defines a new concept for application development.

Any integrations

AgilePoint NX is a flexible connector platform that integrates with any third-party cloud or on-premises system such as Salesforce, SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics CRM, NetSuite, and more.

The platform with maximum value

AgilePoint NX is the market's leading low-code platform, our platform that helps enterprises achieve business agility quickly and cost-effectively by streamlining processes and efficient integration.

Defeat your competitors

Improve your competitiveness and win the competition with speed and agility. AgilePoint NX lets you create new software assets up to ten times faster than hand coding.

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