Agile Project and Service Management

Agile project and service management

What will you learn?

The price includes 2 days of a virtual training, study materials, theoretical and practical knowledge

Course Content

  • Module 1 (practice) Octagrid adopts ITIL
  • Module 2 (theory) Summary of the main elements of ITIL
  • Module 3 (practice) Octagrid uses PRINCE2
  • Module 4 (theory) Summary of the main elements of PRINCE2
  • Module 5 (Practice) Octagrid Uses DSDM
  • Module 6 (theory) Summary of the main elements of DSDM
  • Module 7 (Practice) Octagrid starts a project using all three approaches together.
  • Module 8 (practice) Running a combined project using DSDM and ITIL with PRINCE
  • Module 9 (practice) Delivery of a combined project
  • Module 10 (practice) The newly created service is transferred to operational work.
  • Module 11 (Theory) Step-by-Step Roadmap for a Combined Project
  • Module 12 (case studies) Examples of real companies:
    • private sector, commercial organization
    • local government
    • national government organization.

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Who is it aimed at?

  • Service Delivery Managers
  • Service owners
  • IT managers
  • IT executives
  • Project managers
  • Product Developers
  • Product Owners
  • Team leads
  • Certified Scrum Master or Certified Product Owner) and Agile (Agile Foundation or Agile Certified Practitioner)
  • Business analysts
  • Solutions Architect
  • For anyone interested in maximizing business value.

What is included?

Virtual Training

Virtual training at the Ditum Group is a distance course in which the trainer works with the online audience in "live" : he shares his experience, explains educational material using examples, answers questions, during exercises checks the progress in understanding the material studied and identifies gaps for them filling.

Downloadable study guide

You can download the course materials in PDF format, which are great for self-study.

Theoretical knowledge

On this course, you will have the opportunity to gain theoretical knowledge of three approaches (ITIL, PRINCE2, Agile). 

Practical knowledge

This course combines theoretical and practical knowledge. At the end, you will also receive a roadmap on how you can combine the three approaches together.

About the course

The course is structured to attract the attention of those considering one, two, or all three of the most effective approaches in Agile, PRINCE2 and ITIL. Some modules are devoted to the practical use of approaches, and some are a summary of the theory. Each theoretical module provides a simple starting point for obtaining detailed information about a particular approach and provides an overview of the key elements of the approach.

As we progress through the modules, we will follow the path of the fictional company Octagrid as a means of combining hands-on experience with ITIL, PRINCE2 and DSDM from several real companies. To create this hybrid company, the course writer has conducted extensive research across all sectors and the story of Octagrid is told as realistically as possible. Each Octagrid module (practice) starts with explaining the reasons for the change and ends with tutorials and tips. These modules provide checklists and lessons learned that can be directly transferred to a real environment.

Finally, Module 11 provides a detailed roadmap for integrating the three approaches into one project. This roadmap is new, simple and appropriate, and should provide the reader with a strategy for agile project management in the PRINCE2 and ITIL environment.

At the end of the course, three case studies will be presented, describing how three real companies / organizations have actually adopted some, some or all of the approaches.

The sequence of modules may seem somewhat unusual. The first six modules provide practical experience before the theory of each approach. This is intentional in order to try to convey something from different cultures of approaches before the reader dives into the details of the approach itself.

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